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On the other hand, if you have a more general query - that is precisely why we have our limo questions page. During the course of our daily business, we often get asked many repeat questions. This is the place to find those general Nashville Limousine answers you are seeking.

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Limo Nashville's commonly encountered questions, answered

As a limo carrier, it is our pleasure to allow any and all passengers of legal ability, to consume alcohol in our limos & limousine buses.

Sorry, we do not allow any smoking of any kind in any of our vehicles at any time. This is for both safety and for the preservation of the limos.

You must be 18 and legally able to sign into a legal and binding contract. If you are below 18, your parent or guardian must facilitate the transaction.

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You'll need to tell us the date, time, city, and passenger count. From there, a small deposit is require for us to set aside your limo for your party.

There can be potential fees if you do not adhere to the contract. We advise that you ask us for the contract so you can read it prior to booking.

We highly recommend booking with us as soon as you have your event all planned out. The sooner you book, the better the odds of getting your preferred vehicle.

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