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There are so many things to consider when you have been chosen as a bride to be's maid of honor. The first thing you need to do is count your blessings because this means that the bride to be trusts you out of all of her friends and close family members to help her out during her most stressful times of her life. Just think about it, she will have so many things on her mind during the wedding planning process such as figuring out guest lists, picking her color palette, picking her hairstylist and make up artist, picking out her dress and so on. It is your job as her maid of honor to flank her during all of these processes and to make sure that everything goes well with her. It is also your job to plan some activities and events that will help ease some of her stress such as spa visits, visits to the masseuse, and even taking her to the bar occasionally. However, the one event that is most important for you to plan, and to plan well, is the bachelorette party.

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The bachelorette party is such a vital aspect of the wedding process because the bride to be will finally get that one last shot at going wild and celebrating life as an unmarried woman. This event should really be tons of fun and have tons of different activities and events planned in conjunction with it. With the elevated expectations of bachelorette parties these days there is so much hype that goes into the bachelorette party, so you can expect to have your work cut out for you, for sure. The problem is that many people have never been a maid of honor before so many people have no idea where to even begin with a bachelorette party. This can lead to all sorts of disasters -- the most of all being the bachelorette party being a total bust. This is not something that you want to happen at all, for obvious reasons. But can you imagine the look on the bride to be's face if her bachelorette party is a total dud? It will put a major damper on the whole wedding process for her, and can you blame her? This is why it is so vital for you to be well prepared and plan a stellar bachelorette party. A little secret is that the best way to ensure that your bachelorette party is successful and a total hit is by making sure that you plan for awesome venues for the bachelorette party.

This is truly the one major aspect of planning the bachelorette party that will either make or break the whole event. The absolute last place that you want to host a bachelorette party is in someone's living room, least of all the bachelorette's living room. Why anyone would plan a bachelorette party for a location like this is completely beyond us but you would be shocked at how many horror stories that we hear that go down this exact route. However, a bachelorette party should be all about going out and allowing the bride to be let her hair down and go wild. She should be able to paint the town red! Now, that's not to say that you can't utilize a living room or someone's den as a place to meet up and enjoy some light cocktails, and allow those obligatory invites who won't be heading out to party to send their regards, but the real meat of the night should be all about going wild and attending as many fun venues and activities as possible! We're talking bars, clubs, casinos, strip clubs, lounges, hookah bars, karaoke bars, and so on and so forth! However, there is one major problem with planning an event with mutliple venues and that is figuring out the transportation.

The transportation for any event that has multiple venues can be a total pain in the rear end, and at the top of the events that have complicated transportation is bachelorette parties. We can't stress how important it is to be organized with the transportation aspect of a bachelorette party. With a party of this size, you usually need to split up into multiple vehicles, and then you have to worry about multiple vehicles navigating busy traffic and vying for parking at busy venues. On top of all of this, you have to figure out the dreaded designated driver situation, which can be a total pain that will drive you absolutely nuts! It can often be difficult enough assigning just one designated driver for a fun event. Planning an event that requires multiple designated drivers can be a headache that most people don't even want to begin to consider. This is why a great way to circumvent all of the above listed issues is to rent a luxury vehicle, specifically a party bus for your bachelorette party!

Party Buses are a fantastic choice when it comes to the transportation for an event like bachelorette parties. They are an extremely popular form of transportation for all sorts of events like this such as weddings, bachelor parties, prom night celebrations, birthday parties, anniversaries, and so on and so forth. They are great for getting your party to all sorts of different fun venues, and while you are heading to these venues you get to enjoy the great amenities and features of party buses. These features include things like the premium, concert style speakers, the fantastic multiple flat screens that can play CDs and DVDs, plush leather seats that are remarkably comfortable, dancing poles and hardwood floors that are great for dancing, color changing LED lights that set an exotic and party filled ambiance, and granite covered bar areas with built in coolers that can store whatever drinks you would like. This means that it is completely legal to drink alcohol on board of party buses. This can be a great plus for many people. So you can party and go wild while on your way to all sorts of different fantastic venues without needing to worry about assigning designated drivers, splitting the party up, navigating traffic, or worrying about parking or parking rates. That's a whole lot of positives!

Planning a bachelorette party can be a whole lot of work and a whole lot of headaches. There are so many factors to consider and a whole lot of pressure to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect. The bride is really putting a whole lot of expectations on the maid of honor to make sure that the party lives up to hype. The best way to make sure that it absolutely does is by planning to rent a party bus for the bachelorette party. This way you don't have to worry about transportation for the party in order to head to all of the different activities and venues, and you get the great mobile venue in a party bus!

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