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Everybody loves the season of Fall! There's so many things to enjoy about this time of the year such as cider mills, orchards, pumpkin spice everything, and so on! However, if there is one thing that people truly love about the season of Fall, it's the holiday that is Halloween. Halloween is so beloved because it is unlike any other holiday throughout the year, because it isn't one about giving thanks, or celebrating the country's independence -- it is all about embracing everyone's greatest fears. This might seem like a strange thing to celebrate, but it is actually one of the most popular, and widely celebrated Holidays in the entire country. There is a huge industry for Halloween, from the Halloween-themed candy, the Halloween costumes and decorations all over the supermarkets, and all of the Halloween-themed attractions that begin to pepper the country beginning at the end of September. There are so many different attractions that relate to Halloween, so there are a great number of ways to enjoy the Holiday. For example, there are bobbing for apple competitions, costume parties, and horror movies in all of the local movie theaters. However, arguably the most beloved form of Halloween entertainment is Haunted Houses.

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Haunted Houses come in a large variety of shapes and designs. They can fit any number of themes, as long as they are designed to incite the greatest fears of those that enter through its hallowed threshold. For example, a Haunted House can be in the style of a slaughterhouse, with decorations depicting body parts hanging from the ceiling, and blood on the walls, with actors dressed in pig masks and equipped with chainsaws chasing around the guests. This can be a particularly scary theme that incites the fears of a lot of guests, but for some people it would be more scary walking through an old, abandoned, Haunted Hospital, and there are no shortage of Haunted Houses in this theme. You can find a Haunted Hospital complete with abandoned operating rooms, syringes, and terrifying doctors and nurses begging to operate on any brave enough to enter the attraction. Even a Haunted House themed like a Haunted Fun House, with crazy clowns and fun house mirrors could be a great possibility.

Haunted Houses are not always indoor attractions, however. You can usually find a nearby attraction called a "Haunted Forest." Where the organizers of the Haunted attraction have decorated a section of a forest to look like a terrible, terrifying nightmare, with actors dressed as monsters and killers jumping out from behind trees. You can also find a great number of Haunted Corn Mazes, where you have the added fear of trying to find your way out of the attraction before the actors dressed in gillie suits catch up with you.

With all of these different Haunted attractions, sometimes the hardest thing can be deciding which one you actually want to attend. Since Halloween only comes around once a year, and Haunted Houses are usually only open for about a month -- a month and a half, tops -- it can be pretty difficult finding the time to attend different Haunted Houses on multiple days. This is why it is an excellent idea to rent a Party Bus with a big group of your friends in order to transport you all around to all of the coolest, more terrifying Haunted Houses in your area all in one night. This way you get to experience all of the most horrifying, unbridled terror that is Haunted Houses while enjoying all of the unique amenities and features offered only by a Party Bus.

Party Buses are basically mobile parties. They have all sorts of features that make them popular for parties and get togethers such as bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, prom night excursions, 21st birthday celebrations, and anniversary celebrations. They are beloved because of all of their features such as multi-colored interior lights, state of the art sound systems, and built-in coolers. Another fantastic thing about party buses is that you can drink on board. This can be fantastic in order to provide yourself with enough liquid courage to attend the next spooky, terrifying attraction.

Haunted Houses are one of the biggest reasons that Halloween is one of the most beloved times of the year. Don't limit yourself to just one -- instead, get a group of friends together and attend as many in one night as you can stomach by renting a Party Bus!

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